Optical illusions

This post is going to be all about optical illusions.

Firstly, this is a famous illusion- is it an old woman or a young one?

Now you’ve all heard about the impossible triangle. But what about the impossible rectangle??

Man  or woman?

This one’s really cool too:

And finally, bunny or duck?

I’ll leave you to decide…

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wild west island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its official.

wild west island is the next island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

you can get a sneak preview now on the map under shark tooth island

hope ta see ya there

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card jitsu lightning?

something occured to me as i was reading the clubpenguin newspaper

look at this:

Fire, snow, water (rain), lightning?

it says ninjas can train to master all the elements. Since theres snow, which is gonna come next year probably, lightning seems pretty likely. plus look in the very middle of your amulet (if you have one). BLACK TRIANGLE. could this be were the gem would go for lightning?

tell me what you think in the comments

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go to the daily pop click on the comic frazz (the one with a crazy guy on a skateboard). scroll down. 2 of the comic strips are the same. weird huh?

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pop goes the well…. pop!

rubbish title i admit. anyway the daily pop is not soda o: unfortunatly…

as just been revealed its a kinda newspaper but yet again not made of  soda );

it has games ,sneak peeks and comics THE GAMES ARE ALL FROM MINICLIP

but the comics are a bit of a let down

and 3 new signs

home (the house picture)-  the page that links the store, game and daily pop together

pop-takes you to daily pop


balloon picture- takes you to your game when your in the daily pop or home

tell me what you think of it all in the comments

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free SODA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is poptropica giving out free SODA!!!!!!!????!!!!!!???????????

Friday, November 5, 2010


What is Daily Pop?

I’m not sure, but it’s coming soon!
3 options
2. looks kinda like a magazine
3.MAGAZINE MADE OF SODA *long silence* pure. awesomeness.

let me no what you think in the comments

sorry for not posting for ages

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im gamer24 and im gonna be posting about well, games and other stuff O:

so im going to start posting cheats pretty soon. im kinda knew to the whole thing so im open to suggestions.

so this is gamer24 signing out for the first time ever

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